High Impact Strategies, Cycle 12


For managers who are interested in an intensive, fast-paced professional development program focused on leadership, strategic thinking, and managing teams.

This seven-day program will enhance the management and leadership skills and knowledge of professionals whose primary job responsibilities include leading teams, monitoring staff performance, long- and short-term planning, directing daily departmental operations, and reporting on programs and services. Among the participants will be department, unit, or program directors, and other managers.

Facilitators: Scott Asalone and Jan Sparrow are partners and co-founders of A&S Global Management Consulting, Inc. To learn more about Scott and Jan, please click on their names in the Instructor column.

Criteria for Admission

  • Minimum one year in a sponsoring Jewish nonprofit agency or synagogue.
  • Minimum one year of supervisory experience.
  • Minimum of one direct report.

Criteria for Certificate of Completion

  • Full attendance at a minimum of six of the seven High-Impact Strategies sessions.Note:The certificate won't be awarded if the attendance criteria are not fulfilled.
  • Each member of the class will have the opportunity to present a project during the final class.  The project will be relevant and applicable to what managers experience as they lead their own work groups and other teams. 

Skills to Be Addressed:

  • Managing individuals and teams, including developing and maintaining interpersonal relationships, supervision, and balancing the needs of frontline employees with organizational objectives.
  • Developing a vision that aligns with the agency mission.
  • Strategically and tactically considering the development or refinement of programs and services.
  • Managing multiple complex projects and enhancing performance outcomes.

In addition, participants will broaden their understanding of the local Jewish communal system and major issues confronting the Jewish community, and have opportunities to establish lasting connections with colleagues from diverse area agencies.


With the knowledge that adults learn by doing, this program will be highly interactive and will require significant classroom participation, including engagement in role-plays, small group discussions, peer coaching, fishbowls, and presentations. There will be reading and homework assignments, and the program will culminate in the presentations of projects undertaken during the four month time-frame of the class.

Program Content:

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Leader as Learner. This session focuses on building a learning community and an introduction to curricula and expectations. Topics covered include understanding and using your strengths as a leader, strategies for balancing leadership and management roles and best practices for maintaining curiosity as an exceptional leader.

Monday, November 18, 2019

Leader as Team Leader. This session focuses on the bench-marking of high performing work teams, including team process strategies, strategies for collaboration and empowering work teams to be open to innovative thinking.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Leader as Decision Maker. This session focuses on how a leader can make better decisions. Information includes decision-making biases, and a process for making better decisions. Additionally, there will be a focus on how to gather information to make  the best decision and an opportunity to practice decision-making.

Monday, December 9, 2019

Leader as Coach. This session focuses on performance management: including strategies and best practices for coaching, giving feedback and managing difficult conversations. Participants will have the opportunity to "work through" an individual coaching challenge.

Thursday, January 9, 2019

UJA Overview and Field Day

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Leader as Energizer. This session focuses on the latest research on positive organization scholarship as well as best practices for creating an engaged and energized workplace. Also included are strategies for motivating colleagues and leading a more positive staff.

Tuesday, February 6, 2020

Leader as Communicator. This session focuses on the science of charisma, impression management, and communicating strategies for influencing others. Best practices for communicating with confidence will be discussed. There will be an opportunity for practice and feedback during the session. There will also be a closing ceremony for awarding certificates.

Additionally, please hold Thursday, Feb. 27th as a tentative date in case we need to readjust the schedule.

Note: this course is qualified for Social Work Continuing Education (CE) Contact Hours. In order to qualify for the CE Contact Hours, participants should:

  • Arrive to each session on time and sign in
  • Stay for the entirety of the training, and after the training concludes submit a completed evaluation and sign-out to receive the certificate

Questions about the registration process and program content? Contact Julia Knobloch at 212.836.1326.


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